Millets are one of the main source of food in olden days. Our ancestors used millets for cooking in their daily intake. Millets areĀ  rich in Protein and Fiber. This helps in digestion and helps to prevent from not getting Diabetes. Millets are also good for health and helps your metabolism. It also helps us to stay fit and healthy. Buy Millets online from who provides a wide variety range of millets. Milletio procure millets directly from formers and follow some strict procedure to prepare millets ready to pack and deliver it to their customers.

Milletio has products like Millets, Millet flakes, Millet Flours, Millet Papad. Along with millet products they also sell products like Health Mix, Diabetic Care powder, Natural & Cold Pressed Oils. In Addition to Millet prodcuts they have a special product similar to flour. It was prepared from Raw and Unpolished, cleaned and sun dried Millet flour. You can buy millets online and millet products from

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